Saturday, April 2, 2011

OMG Watch the Nastiest Girl Fight Video Ever

A Scam has popped up now taking advantage of people who don't realize the difference between apps and Events on Facebook. This scam spreads by people "attending" and inviting others to attend the event. This event spreads virally just like all of the other scams I've reviewed.

The Event page looks like this:
As pictured the profile picture for this event displays a picture of a girl with a play button over her. This is not a real video, it is simply just a picture on the event page. Users fall prey to the scam by clicking the link posted in the description of the event. Installing and giving a malicious app permissions over their account.

Some users, not all, claim that they do see a video after clicking the link. These people may be trolls, they also may be fake accounts created by the scammer to try to convince people to click the link.

If someone were really trying to show you some nasty video, they would show it to you on youtube or another popular online video service. Don't fall for these scams.

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