Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scammed and I didn't even realize it.

I normally don't get scammed, heck this blog is mostly about internet scams. I have to give credit to the people who created this one.

Alright so here's how things went down.
One of my friends got one of those apps that creates a picture then tags everyone of your friends in the photo. Well, the app is fake-sort of, it creates a real picture and really posts it, the issue however is the app itself posts a link in your news feed supposedly to your the photo, it even shows a thumbnail of the photo, it says "you were tagged in such and such's photo" . The link goes to this web address I didn't make this a link because it's not safe. DO NOT GO TO THAT ADDRESS.
This same scam app posts
The web address is to an app on facebook, which quickly breaks out of it's iframe on facebook and redirects you a few times, causing you to give it permission to post to your wall as well as other permissions resulting in one of the worst viral apps there is.

I don't know the full extent to what it does except that it's a viral fishing scam that spreads rapidly and undetected by most users but I've gotten more information that it shows up in multiple forms

If you see the following avoid clicking on them and also report it to your infected friend.

Also the app mimics the "Fun in your name" facebook app, pretending to create those photos and placing "click here to see the photo" sort of links in your feed. Thus spreading it to your friends.

I'd post how to solve the issue after you've already fallen for it but unfortunately the only thing I know you can do is remove the message that it posts on your wall immediately after clicking the link. I couldn't find it as an installed app, it's an exploit. Unfortunately if you gave them any information after clicking the link you can't delete it off their system. (I fell for this exploit but didn't fall for the phishing scam.) 

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