Thursday, March 24, 2011

Best Friend Detector/BFF finder/Who are your best friends?

This is a fairly new trend of app. What this app does is claim that if you use it, it will attempt to identify your best friends. Now right off the bat you know it's not going to be accurate because they can't read your mind. But most of these apps are actually viral apps that don't do anything more than pull a random amount of friends from your list of friends and spit them out claiming them as your best friends.

The "good" best friend apps are ones that actually take wall posts and other things into account. Unfortunately though most of them don't.

So.... they're sort of fake apps.... they're poor quality.

So why would I post about em since again everyone knows they're not psychic?
Because these apps tend to ask for rediculous permissions from you such as access to your email, access to your friends information(beyond just their names and profile pic) they ask for your non basic information, the right to post on your wall and the ability to access your data without you being logged in. These apps shouldn't need as much as they ask for. All they should need is your basic information which includes friend names and their profile photos. Some request access to view your wall, that's a reasonable request because some of them actually use your wall data to weigh who are your better friends, to make them more accurate than just random guesses. Don't expect much out of them still.

tl;dr: Best Friend apps tend to ask for ridiculous permissions. Check em before you install.

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