Saturday, April 2, 2011

Who blocked you from his friend list?

I appologize for this screenshot being so messed up, I was using the snipping tool for it to hide the names of infected people and it got really buggy.

If you get an invite to this "event" don't even bother opening it, it's a scam. Just like the "Nastiest Girl" scam it it redirects your browser a few times takes you to install a malicious app.
This app grabs your profile info and asks for the permission to create events on your behalf.
one of the malicious apps that this event links to, look at the permissions it asks for.
What this app then does is spam your friends with these fake events until all of your friends finally fall for the scam and this app spreads virally filling everyones event inbox's with complete junk. It is unknown what the app does with your personal information, it may store it somewhere, sell it, or be used for other scams.

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