Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Web Of Trust - 1 easy way to protect yourself against scams and bad sites on the web.

There's a great tool out there that you may have heard of, it's called Web Of Trust. Web of Trust is a free browser add-on that shows an indicator on the reputation of a website, if the reputation for a site is poor the indicator will show red as well as pop up a message as soon as you pull up the site, letting you know, it's not a safe site and asking you if you would like to stay on the site.

Even for advanced computer users who can spot scams almost immediately, Web Of Trust is still useful.
Users can report sites that they believe to be suspicious, as well as give the site ratings.

Web of Trust also has begun protecting you on places like Facebook and Twitter. Whenever you see a link that leads off of Facebook you will see an indicator icon near the link to tell you the ratings on the site.

I highly reccomend this addon to everyone.

Click here for an example of the detailed ratings on a site you get from Web Of Trust(WOT for short)

Click here to go to the Web Of Trust Website

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