Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Browser Exploit: See what you'll look in the future!

A new browser exploit has surfaced, this one takes control of a users browser without them knowing. It sends messages to all of their friends and posts messages to their walls.

This exploit says " hahah mine is hilarious!!! check yours out :)
See what you'll look in the future!
This cutting-edge technology will show you exactly how your face will look in the future!"

This scam spreads very virally as it tries to put out links that users would likely click as well as take over the inftected users chat and send messages to everyone in their friends list.

First things first, if you use Internet Explorer, stop using it, it's the least secure browser and things like this WILL happen to you again if you don't.

Set your Facebook account to use SSL(basically it's military grade encryption, this makes it super difficult for hackers to attack you). If you wish you may also set your account to send you an email when someone else logs into your account.
Unfortunately now it's time for the clean up. Start an anti-virus scan, and while it's scanning go on Facebook, look through all of your out-going posts(you can see these by clicking on your name(this takes you to your profile page)) delete all of the malicious posts, and bulk message ALL of your friends let them know this happened and tell them to ignore any links that your account sent to them. Otherwise your friends will all get infected too as the scam spreads.

Now that you've done that, change your Facebook password, it is possible that it was stolen.

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