Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bin Ladin's Death spurrs Bin Ladin Scams

A tip came in about this, I haven't seen this personally but be wary of links related to Bin Ladin's death:

A link which claims to point to a shocking video of the death of bin Laden is already spreading virally across Facebook just hours after his death was announced. The messages, posted as updates on Facebook users’ walls, claim to point to banned video footage of bin Laden’s death. But instead of a shocking video, users are presented with a survey which gives scammers money every time it is completed.

Paul Ducklin, Head of Technology in Sophos Asia Pacific, advises computer users to watch out for scams related to bin Laden’s death not just on Facebook but on other parts of the internet too.

couple tips to avoid scams:
  • Don’t blindly trust links you see online, whether in emails, on social networking sites, or from searches. If the URL and the subject matter don’t tie up in some obvious way, give it a miss.
  • If you go to a site expecting to see information on a specific topic but get redirected somewhere unexpected – to a “click here for a free security scan” page, for instance, or to a survey site, or to a “download this codec program to view the video” dialog – then get out of there at once.  Don’t click any further as it is a scam.

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